TOEIC Toronto campus ONLY

♦ The Purpose

image As with the TOEFL, the objective in Cornerstone’s TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) class is to provide contentbased methodology coupled with focused drills and reinforcement.

Our program allows for 2 hours of class time per day. Class time is divided equally between Listening Comprehension and Reading Comprehension. It is necessary that all sections of the TOEIC test be covered each month. Students spend class time engaging in skillbuilding exercises for all seven sections of the TOEIC.

A practice TOEIC test is given at the end of each month. The students’ scores on this practice test will provide the basis for their monthly assessment.

As well, Cornerstone Academic College is an official TOEIC testing center, and an opportunity to take the official TOEIC test is offered each session.

An important part of TOEIC preparation is giving helpful advice and information about test taking techniques. Therefore, during all exercises, teachers give students feedback and recommendations on how to approach the test.

As with the TOEFL, it is critical to address everyday English usages along with content and theme.

Homework is assigned regularly and taken up in the following class. Problem areas and mistakes are analyzed and learned from.

♦ Who may enroll in TOEIC:

  • Students who wish to get higher score on TOEIC

♦ Skill building exercises for all seven sections

  • Useful advice and recommendations for classwork, homework, and taking the actual TOEIC test, concentrating on technique, understanding, and speed
  • Personal student study guides
  • Testing Centre
  • A serious and pleasant study atmosphere
  • Important English skills & business terms
  • TOEIC material ranging from various levels and different sources including Mexico, Korea, South America and Japan
  • Official ETS workshop tests that closely match the real tests given in Canada written by real TOEIC examines from around theworld

♦ Requirements:

  • Candidates must achieve a minimum score of 60 on Cornerstone’s Placement Test (UpperIntermediate level).
  • Candidates must have graduated from high school.
  • Candidates must be at least 17 years of age.
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