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Hi, I’m Yu-Chieh from Taiwan. I’ve bee...

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TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) program is...
IELTS is the International English Language Testing System which te...
Teaching English to Young Children (TEYC) diploma program will provi...
The Intensive Business (28 hours per week) Program at Cornerstone Ac...
Real Speaking is an intensive 2-month course designed to improve a ...
Cornerstone Academic College is pleased to announce our partnership...

College & University Transfer Program

George Brown College To address the needs for a growing number of international ESL students who wish to enter a Canadian college and/or university in USA, Cornerstone Academic College has created pathways to make these dreams come true. No matter what your existing level of English may be, Cornerstone offers a level for you to start and a complete and effective program of English classes that will get you to the level that you need to achieve. After successfully completing our Pre Advanced Academic English course, students may apply for entrance into our College/University partner's programs without taking the TOEFL/IELTS.


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JAPANESE GRADUATE WORKS AT PANASONIC Mr. Fujinaga graduated from CAC in 2010. He always was a polite and ambitious individual - He was quite mature for his age. He was in Toronto for a year on a working holiday visa, and upon graduating from his university in Japan, he was immediately hired by Panasonic. He has been working as a marketing member of Panasonic promoting the “LUMIX DMC-GX7” to the international market. Please check out his enthusiast...



- Are You Considering Learning English?

For over a decade, Cornerstone Academic College an English language school in the heart of downtown Toronto, Ontario, Canada, has been helping international students improve their English as a second language.

- Cornerstone Language Courses

Our language courses like ESL (our most popular), International Business Englsih and Real Speaking help our international students learn English in a way so that quickly learn and retain the skills required to enable them to improve their level of English.

The Importance of Learning English

In general English is the 'International Language'. Learning English as a second language will provide you many advantages;

  • Better chance of getting a job that pays more
  • Travel the world more comfortably
  • The majority of stored information is in English
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