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Every year, Cornerstone has a Halloween Party so to make students can experience the Canadian culture. We have contest for the best pumpkin carving and costumes. We provide lunch for the best pumpkin, and for the best costume we gave a pair of tickets to Niagara Falls. One great thing at Cornerstone is that we celebrate with our students: Our staff and teachers dress up, too, of course!



Cornerstone Academic College is pleased to announce its new college pathway partners in Canada with Sheridan College Institute of Technology & Advanced Learning. Students who successfully complete Cornerstone Pre-Advanced level 6 will be accepted to Diploma and 1-year Certificate Programs at the college. Please contact us for more information.


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English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 40 Nov 12th 2011 file

HALLOWEEN PARTY 2011Every year, Cornerstone has a Halloween Party so to make students can experience the Canadian culture. We have contest for the best pumpkin carving and costumes. We provide l...

  • Views 51176

English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 39 Oct. 14th 2011 file

Thanksgiving Party 2011 Every year, Cornerstone throws a Thanksgiving Party so students can experience Canadian culture. Cornerstone provides HUGE turkeys, sandwich, snacks and more to give students th...

  • Views 42678

English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 38 Sep. 23th 2011 file

COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY PATHWAYTo address the needs for a growing number of international ESL students who wish to enter a Canadian college and/or university in the USA, Cornerstone Academic Colle...

  • Views 33801

English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 37 Aug. 12th 2011 file

STUDENTS SUMMARY 2011 (JAN - JUNE 2011)Registration Summary 95% of students register in Intensive Programs AVG registration is for 11 weeks AVG age is 25 years old Number of Students: 315 (July 2011...

  • Views 28905

English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 36 Jul. 8th, 2011 file

INTRODUCING A NEW BUSINESS INSTRUCTOR Cornerstone is pleased to announce that Miss Tatra Palfery has joined Cornerstone as a instructor for the Business Program. We strongly believe that her ...

  • Views 29997

English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 33 Apr. 8th 2011 file

BAKE SALE FOR JAPANOn Friday, March 11th, the people of Japan suffered an 8.9 magnitude earthquake with an after shock tsunami in the northern port of Sendai. This tragic event resulted in coun...

  • Views 32718

English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 27 Jan. 28th 2011 file

Residence information 2011 Cornerstone has several partnerships with local residences for students. Some of them are available throughout the year. Please contact us for full descriptions. Option 1: $1,5...

  • Views 26059

English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 26 Jan. 7th 2011 file

Greetings from Cornerstone and Happy New Year 2011. 2011 is a very important year for us because its our 10-year anniversary. The highlights for 2011 will be… 10-year anniversary promotion Summer Camp 20...

  • Views 37093

English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 16 Nov. 18th 2010 file

TOEFL Prep. Program TOEFL is one of the most popular English as a Second Language tests in North America and is required by any Canadian University to those who are not native English speakers. Th...

  • Views 25572
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