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Teaching English to Young Children (TEYC) diploma program will provide students with the most effective methods and strategies to help children acquire English as a second language. TEYC program is an intensive 4-week course that includes 116 hours of in-class instruction, including a supervised teaching practicum. Through lectures, discussions, and evaluations, students learn to build valuable teaching competencies.

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List of Articles
No. Subject Date Views
6 TESOL [4-week Diploma] file Aug 22, 2012 147037
5 IELTS (Starting from January 2013) file Aug 22, 2012 60254
» TEYC [4-week Diploma] file Aug 22, 2012 102409
3 Intensive Business Diploma [8-week Diploma] file Aug 04, 2009 55836
2 Real Speaking [8-week Diploma] file Aug 05, 2008 188858
1 Partnership with Centennial College file Aug 05, 2008 47123
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