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TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) program is a 4-week Diploma Program, aimed at individuals who wish to pursue a career in ESL teaching abroad. The course encompasses various theories regarding how language is learned and equips teachers with skills and experience necessary to effectively guide their students into a functioning use of the language through lessons on how to incorporate grammar, listening, reading, writing and pronunciation communicatively into daily lesson plans. By the end of the TESOL program, students are able to teach each English skill separately but at the same time will have learned the integrated methodology which is introduced by TESL Canada as the most modern methodology for teaching English.

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List of Articles
No. Subject Date Views
» TESOL [4-week Diploma] file Aug 22, 2012 159602
5 IELTS (Starting from January 2013) file Aug 22, 2012 62491
4 TEYC [4-week Diploma] file Aug 22, 2012 107878
3 Intensive Business Diploma [8-week Diploma] file Aug 04, 2009 57104
2 Real Speaking [8-week Diploma] file Aug 05, 2008 193314
1 Partnership with Centennial College file Aug 05, 2008 48677
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