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English Cornerstone Guide Vol. 50 May 29th 2012 file

IT’S GOOD TO GO TO THE BEACHES IN THE SUMMER!!The temperature has increased to over 15 degrees. Time to go to the beach! There are many beaches in Toronto. W e recommend going to Cherry B...

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English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 41 Dec. 9th 2011 file

NEW COLLEGE PATHWAY PARTNER - LASALLE COLLEGE -Cornerstone Academic College is pleased to announce its new college pathway partners in Canada with LaSalle College. Students who successfully co...

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English Cornerstone Guide Vol. 55 Oct 12th 2012 file

ANNOUNCING NEW PATHWAY PARTNERS To address the needs for a growing number of international ESL students who wish to enter a Canadian college and/or university in the USA, Cornerstone A...

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English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 40 Nov 12th 2011 file

HALLOWEEN PARTY 2011Every year, Cornerstone has a Halloween Party so to make students can experience the Canadian culture. We have contest for the best pumpkin carving and costumes. We provide l...

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English Cornerstone Guide Vol. 56 Dec 7th 2012 file

PRICE LIST 20132013 prices will come into effect January 1st 2013. Please note that we will accept any registration with 2012 prices UNTIL the end of December 2012 so please make sure to send us ...

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English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 42 Jan. 3rd, 2012 file

From left bottom; John(President)/ Roy(Academic Director) / Brian(Administration Director) From left above; Grace (Operation Director) / Oscar (Marketing Manager) / Heather (Homestay Coordinator) / Nao ...

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English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 64 Aug. 23rd 2013 file

JAPANESE GRADUATE WORKS AT PANASONIC Mr. Fujinaga graduated from CAC in 2010. He always was a polite and ambitious individual - He was quite mature for his age. He was in Toronto for a year on...

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English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 39 Oct. 14th 2011 file

Thanksgiving Party 2011 Every year, Cornerstone throws a Thanksgiving Party so students can experience Canadian culture. Cornerstone provides HUGE turkeys, sandwich, snacks and more to give students th...

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English Cornerstone Newsletter Vol. 26 Jan. 7th 2011 file

Greetings from Cornerstone and Happy New Year 2011. 2011 is a very important year for us because its our 10-year anniversary. The highlights for 2011 will be… 10-year anniversary promotion Summer Camp 20...

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